I Just Want to Fuck Until I Can’t Feel Anything Anymore

I don’t know how to cope with my emotions, so I have sex until I’m numb. Continue reading “I Just Want to Fuck Until I Can’t Feel Anything Anymore”


This is Abuse, and This is Not Okay

This is something I experienced just moments ago.  This is something that many women deal with all the time.  Aggressive men can flip like a switch, for no apparent reason, and become real threats to your health and safety.  Even on anonymous chat websites like Omegle or ChatRoulette, you have to be extremely careful.  You have no idea what people are capable of.  I have encountered this man before and he was abusive and perverse then, but I have not seen or heard from him since, until a random encounter tonight on Omegle, but one can never be too careful.

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It’s Okay To Need Other People

I have suffered from pretty severe depression and anxiety my entire life.  I do not have a frame of reference for life without depression and anxiety.  There is no pre-depression period of time; no, I’ve been this way from the moment I was born, from the moment I could create long-term memories.  The anxiety was the worst.   Continue reading “It’s Okay To Need Other People”

Are You Afraid of Death?

Have you ever realized that you were more fearless than you imagined?  That something that haunted you, when come face to face, is not as threatening as you originally believed?  I’ve been scared of silly things and of life-altering things.  I used to cry when a stinkbug was in my room, but pet a live, wild snake.  I dropped out of high school with little regard, but I cried for hours after a car accident because I was terrified of the consequences, of being arrested because I fled the scene. Continue reading “Are You Afraid of Death?”

I Love My Body, But I Hate Myself

Self-love has been a hot topic for a few years. Several companies who market primarily at women (Dove, Victoria’s Secret) have been trying to promote diversity and “loving yourself”. Skinny women, thick women, dark skin, light skin, short, tall. Media has equated loving your body with loving yourself. Tumblr constantly tells us, “you’re beautiful as you are!” “Your flaws make your character!” “You started with a near-blank canvas, and look at you now: stretch marks, scars, tattoos–evidence that you’ve lived! Be proud!” Body image is everything. Fat isn’t a bad word, it’s an adjective. You can be fat and beautiful, which is not a statement I’m disputing. Our bodies are temples and we are to worship and protect them, no matter their shape, size, color, or markings. Love your body. There is no argument from me about the importance of this message, particularly to young people. Continue reading “I Love My Body, But I Hate Myself”